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Bumble Bee Removal

We also offer affordable live bumble bee removals.  Bumble bees are native social bees, and are even better pollinators bee-for-bee than honey bees.  We have several species in this part of the state, and they mostly nest at ground level.  Bumble bees form annual colonies, so we recommend waiting until fall for them to move on if possible.  Most issues property owners have with bumble bees center around a lawnmower.  Many beekeepers will not work with bumble bees, since they do not make honey and they are capable of stinging through standard beekeeping equipment when aggitated.  We believe that the importance of preserving our native pollinators outweighs the inconveniences surrounding working with these species.  Relocated colonies are moved outside of the metroplex where they remain under our oversight for the remainder of the season, and are allowed to raise queens which will reproduce wild colonies the following year.  Contact us for additional details and an estimate.

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